Pale Ale, Rocky Head Brewery

Rocky Head Brewery is a micro brewery set up in Southfields, London by a group of friends inspired by the American Craft Brewing scene.

Pale Ale, Rocky Head Brewery, Southfields, London
6.5% alcohol
On par with the best from The Kernel, this is the inaugral brew from Steve Daniels, the craftsman behind the brewery. This is how you use bags of hops at every stage of the brewing process and not end up with a beer that tastes like someone has put Bitrex in it. Bottle conditioned, so when allowed to settle and poured correctly, it is clear, bright and deep amber. Brewed with malted and toasted barley, the weighty mouthfeel effuses with tangy neroli and a hint of mango. Long tropical subtle bitterness to the finish and some campfire. Flew down barely touching the sides. 9.5/10

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