The Beer Anorak DB-Beer Glass

Beer Anorak DB Beer Glass
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Beer Anorak Beer Glass
The ‘DB Beer Glass’ was designed by Beer Anorak based on the DB wine glass by MT of Austria.
We wanted the same weightless sensation from a beautifully shaped beer glass that we enjoy when using the world’s finest wine glasses by Zalto.
Flavour is interpreted in the brain from signals received via the nose, mouth and eyes. Just as with wine, the shape of the vessel affects the flavour of the beer.
Our extensive “research” has shown beyond doubt that a rounded glass delivers the flavour of all beer styles better than a straight-sided glass.
This glass is a pleasure to hold, makes beer shine… and meets all of our requirements for a good session.

The glass:

Is unique.
Optimises the aroma and flavour.
Is mouth-blown crystal.
Is eye candy.
Is extremely lightweight and very durable.
May be dishwashed.
Has a maximum volume of 430ml and is designed for 330ml bottles.

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