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Dark Star Six Hop

dark star six hop

I’ve long been a fan of Sussex Brewery Dark Star’s cask ales. For example, here’s a review of their Hophead from cask in box. Now it’s time to try a bottled Dark Star, the highly regarded Six Hop. It’s lovely.

Dark Star Six Hop, West Sussex
6.5% alcohol
Six hops, employed at six stages in the brewing process. It’s a distinctive, hoppy English bitter, with a full malty character but also some earthy, herby, savoury English hop notes, plus bright citrussy hop notes too. Really complex and concentrated, with lovely flavours. Distinctly English in style and quite lovely. 8.5/10

Four Winds Brewing Saison


There’s interesting beer to be found everywhere these days, it seems. I found this in Vij’s restaurant, Vancouver, Canada. You’ll have to forgive the picture, but the lights were low. It’s from Four Winds Brewing Co. in Delta, British Columbia, and it’s a complex saison-style beer with a spicy tang. I’m beginning to really like Saison-style beers.

Four Winds Brewing Saison, BC, Canada
6.5% alcohol
This is quite delicious. It’s spicy and tangy, with lovely yeasty complexity. Rich, bold flavours with a twist of lime, with real spiciness and nice density. 8.5/10