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Aurelio, Two Fingers Brewing Co.

Two Fingers was created in 2012, when seven guys with expertise in building brands and a passion for craft beer had a vision for a beer that wasn’t just better tasting, but better for men everywhere.

Aurelio, Two Fingers Brewing Co. Farringdon, London (Beer brewed by Hepworth in Horsham)
4.8% alcohol
Jimmy Carr once joked that he was stopped by a chugger asking “Do you have 5 minutes to fight cancer?”, to which he replied “I’m not sure we’ll get much done in that time, let’s pop into Boots to see if they have anything for it.” He could have said, “Let’s buy a bottle of Aurelio.” 10p from every bottle sold goes to Prostate Cancer UK and this fact combined with the contents of Tony Edwards’ book, The Good News About Booze which reveals the latest medical evidence that alcohol is good for you in moderation means that there are at least three reasons to buy this beer. The third reason is that it tastes good, in a quality complex balanced lager tasting way. 9/10 if you like lager, 10/10 for effort and philanthropy.

The Kernel Export India Porter


Now I am not the greatest fan of stouts and porters. ‘Heresy,’ I hear you cry. It’s just that many of them taste excessively bitter and angular, and I don’t really enjoy them. But here is a gem. It’s a truly remarkable beer with so many dimensions of flavour. And it comes from the DRC of London’s brewers, The Kernel.

The Kernel Export India Porter
6% alcohol
Made with Columbus, Simcoe and Bramling Cross hops. Brown black in colour with a creamy head. Full flavoured yet balanced with it, with attractive hoppy bitterness in the background. It’s fresh with a hint of chocolate and a little iron, and there’s certainly malty flavour present, but it’s not sweet. Close your eyes as you drink and it’s hard to call it a Porter. Structured, pure, really fine and expressive. 9/10

Craft beer in the Sunday Express

sunday express craft beers

This week, I’ve reviewed craft beer in my Sunday Express S Magazine column, which is usually focused on wine. There’s a range of different styles, from more widely available beers to niche stuff. I was especially pleased to be able to include the case of London craft beers that’s currently being offered by The Wine Society. You can read the article online here.