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The remarkable Seizoen Bretta from Oregon



No formal tasting note here, just an impression of this remarkable Oregon beer. It’s the Logsdon Farmhouse Ales Seizoen Bretta, weighing in at 8% alcohol. I found this on tap at the Craft Beer Co in Holborn, and it was tangy, complex and totally thrilling. Logsdon Farmhouse Ales model their operation on the old-style Belgian farmhouse beers, literally brewed on the farm. The label design is really chintzy and retro (the paintings are by Seaberg Einarsson), and most of their beers are sold in 750 ml bottles, rather than the normal smaller sized ones.  Truly sensational stuff, and worth a special detour because this is near impossible to find in the UK.

Cantillon, Geuze

Cantillon, is a family owned brewery and has been producing beer in much the same way for over 200 years. They are considered to be one of the finest brewers.

Cantillon, Geuze ‘Belgian Flag’, Brussels, Belgium
6.0% alcohol
This beer represents 50% of the production of the Cantillon brewery. Only the label is different (limited edition), with the bottle still containing the famous Geuze from Cantillon. Lambic beer is sour beer which then undergoes spontaneous fermentation in the bottle, similar to sparkling wine, thus creating Geuze. Geuze beer is produced by many brewers but this one is considered one of the best. It is maybe the best beer I’ve (Winerackd) had. It is incredibly complex, being vinous, citrus, mildy sour, with gentle pale ale characters underneath. Very long in the finish and essentially EPIC. 11/10 Read more about the beer HERE on the brewery’s own site.