By The Horns, Vive La Brett (Saison)

By The Horns Brewing Co., is a Wimbledon based brewery that like many other good London breweries, started with two chaps making homebrew. Clearly a talent for brewing and a desire to succeed has propelled them into a bigger business.

By The Horns Brewing Co., Vive La Brett, Wimbledon, London
6.1% alcohol
My first introduction to BTHBC, by Tim Luther (of Barrica/Copita/Drakes) who was sampling a variety of brews for one of his restaurants and invited me to join. This is the one that struck me as being out of the ordinary in a good way and confirms my suspicions that (a) I’m a sucker for good saison and (b) brewers are getting more experimental with wine barrels. Now I don’t know who the Andy of Burgandy is, plus there’s no hint of brett, but he knows balance when he tastes it. This is a weighty saison, deep gold to amber in colour, with lovely acidity and sour notes complementing a rich balanced ale. A shame to learn that it’s ‘saisonal!/limited run’ as I want more please. 9/10

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