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Orbit Beers, Neu Altbier

Orbit Beers, is a Walworth (South Elephant & Castle) based brewery that loves music as much as beer. They create delicious beers to a soundtrack of classic and contemporary tunes. They especially love the warm, genuine, unfiltered sounds that vinyl records produce and offer the same natural, authentic, unfiltered taste from their beers.

Orbit Beers, Neu Altbier, Walworth, London
4.7% alcohol
Altbier is a style of beer produced exclusively in Dusseldorf and now Walworth. I opened the bottle, poured a glass to contemplate, and what seemed like moments later the beer was gone. I quickly wished I had a second bottle. This is real beer, of depth and complexity. I’d loosely describe it as the finest English ale with carbonation but this is doing it an injustice. It reminds me a little Of Meantime’s London Pale Ale, but with more balls. It is slightly nutty, malty, dry and with no overt hops. Cracking, sophisticated stuff. 9/10

Renaissance Paradox Pilsner, class from New Zealand

renaissance paradox

Last time I was in New Zealand I had a lot of beer fun. They’ve got some really good breweries, including the Marlborough-based Renaissance. They started off in 2005 when Californian ex-pat brewers Andy Deuchars and Brian Thiel leased the Grove Mill in Blenheim. Interestingly, another of the top Kiwi breweries, 8 Wired, was started by ex-assistant brewer at Renaissance, Soren Eriksen. This beer, which I had at the New Zealand stand at Prowein a couple of days ago, really impressed me.

Renaissance Paradox Pilsner
4% alcohol
Full yellow colour, with lovely bright refreshing citrussy fruit and a well judged hoppy bite. There’s a bit of grip here and some nice spiciness. It’s fresh and very drinkable, but it also has nice complexity and detail. 8.5/10