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Brooklyn Brewery Brooklyn Lager

brooklyn lager

Had this the other day at a Burger joint. It reminded me just how good it is: a lager, but with proper flavour. This was the beer that started the now-famous Brooklyn Brewery back in 1988. Steve Hindy and Tom Potter set out to revive one of the USA’s leading brewing centres, hit by a hop disease and then prohibition in the early 20th Century that pretty much wiped it out.

Steve and Tom commissioned William Moeller, to brew their lager based on an old recipe of Moeller’s grandfather. It involved dry hopping an all-malt lager, giving the beer a distinctive tropical fruit/floral/hoppy aroma that makes this beer taste almost like a lager/IPA cross. It’s lovely stuff.

Brooklyn Brewery Brooklyn Lager
5.2% alcohol
Gold bronze colour. Full flavoured, spicy and a bit hoppy with some nice exotic fruity notes. It’s a full flavoured, well balanced lager that’s almost an IPA with those dry hop characters integrating perfectly with the maltiness. Lovely. 7.5/10