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Stone Go To IPA


Stone are a famous craft brewery. They began life in San Diego back in 1996, and from relatively humble beginnings they are now the eighth largest craft brewery in the USA. They have also opened a brewery in Berlin, and this beer is made there.

Stone Go To IPA
4.7% alcohol
Brewed in Berlin, this is an extremely hoppy but sessionable IPA. Pale in colour, it’s quite dry and tart with some herbal, slightly earthy hoppy characters and relatively restrained tropical/pine notes on the nose. It’s bright, focused and has some bite on the palate. Quite savoury in character, it’s nice without being stunning. Lacks a bit of harmony, but there’s definitely plenty of bite here. 7.5/10

And here’s another note from a few months ago:

Stone Go To IPA
4.7% alcohol
Brewed in Berlin. A session IPA with plenty of hops. This has a lovely aroma of herbs, spices and some tropical fruit, with just a hint of pine. There’s freshness on the palate: really hoppy with nice bitter bite, but also some sweetness and a lovely fruity balance. Finishes dry but not drying. Exotic and appealing, and very nicely balanced. 8/10


Garage Project Fugazi (New Zealand)


The Garage Project is one of New Zealand’s top craft breweries. I’ve mentioned them here before. This is a lighter-style beer that really works.

Garage Project Fugazi
2.2% alcohol
Simcoe and Sauvin hops. This low-strength beer has a light body and tastes very fresh and linear, but there’s lovely aromatic complexity with notes of passionfruit, earth and herbs, as well as a citrus drive on the palate, with some refreshing herb and bitter hop notes. Light and bright, with lovely drinkability and flavour. 8/10