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Wild Beer Co Ninkasi Saison


Wild Beer Co are one of the UK’s most experimental brewers. I really enjoy a lot of their beers: they take risks and combine unusual flavours, but the results are often compelling rather than just weird. This is a good one, and a bit of a bargain at £8 for a 75 cl bottle.

Wild Beer Co Ninkasi Saison
9% alcohol
This is quite an unusual beer. It’s a Belgian-style Saison with copious quantities of New Zealand hops, plus some apple juice, all fermented with wild yeast. Then, once bottled, there’s a second fermentation with Champagne yeast, and this particular bottle is 750 ml, sealed with a crown cap, with wax on top. It’s quite striking. There’s so much richness and complexity, with spices, herbs, a touch of cheese, some saltiness, bitter hoppy notes, and some sweetness from the alcohol. There’s a lot of personality, with some apple notes and also some spicy, phenolic brett character. Tangy, bright and intense with a lot of everything. Perfect with soft and semi-hard cheeses, I reckon. 8.5/10