About us

Who we are:

Beer anorak began as a collaboration between Jamie Goode and Daniel Primack, two beer lovers with a background in wine. Lately, though, Daniel has had to take a step back because of work pressure, so now it’s the personal beer geekery site of Jamie alone. Daniel’s reviews are still on the site if you search back far enough…

jamie goode beerJamie is a winewriter with a scientific background. He did a PhD in plant biology and then worked as a science editor, before being bitten by the wine bug. He started www.wineanorak.com in 1999, and within a decade wine had become a full time occupation. He writes about wines (with some beers and spirits) for The Sunday Express, and has authored a number of books. In recent years he’s become hooked on beer too. Jamie wastes most of his time on twitter, @jamiegoode, and instagram (drjamiegoode).


beerackdDaniel is a wine anorak with a scientific background and a Judge at The International Wine Challenge. He describes himself as a ‘glass monitor’ not only questioning what is in the glass, but the choice of glass itself. His expertise is in maximising the delivery of flavour for the drinker, especially as a brand ambassador for the superb Zalto wine glasses. As mad about seeing bands perform live as he is about wine, he finds beer complements his other interests well. He runs amok on Twitter and Instagram as @winerackd.


Daniel on Jamie: If you love wine and are mildly obsessive, you cannot help but be a fan of the WineAnorak. Few have made wine writing so accessible or more anti-establishment than Dr Goode, who sticks to reviewing wine that he likes rather than that which he does not. I have bought more new wines to try as a result of his reviews than any other writer. Jamie’s appreciation for craft beer has developed more recently though in parallel with his wine writing. His openness to, and tolerance for, new beers sometimes leads me to wish him to set apart and glorify the transcendental beers more from the everyday ones, but that’s probably just to do with him not having spent enough time drinking beer with me. BeerAnorak will fix that. His significant blogging and extensive writing experience will help BeerAnorak retain a balanced and journalistic approach, to make this site a reference point for all things beer. Carpe zythum

Jamie on Daniel: I’m very excited to be doing BeerAnorak with Mr Primack. He’s incredibly smart and entrepreneurial, and his business sense coupled with honesty to the point of bluntness will help keep this site on the right lines. Daniel and I share a similar taste in wine, but I expect we’ll see a bit more divergence in terms of our beer tastes. My feeling is that he’s going to be a harder critic than me, which is probably a good thing, because it would be very boring if we liked every beer. I have already learned quite a bit about beer from Daniel, and this cooperative venture will give us a very good excuse for hanging out more and drinking some great beers together.