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Bomber Brewing East Van Smash Fresh Hop Simcoe, Vancouver, Canada


Bomber Brewing is a relatively new brewery, formed in 2014, by three friends with a love for hockey and beer, based in Vancouver, Canada. This is their fresh hop beer, and it’s a thoughtful, complex, delicious drop.

Bomber Brewing East Van Smash Fresh Hop Simcoe, Vancouver, Canada
4.5% alcohol. Pale in colour, this is a lovely fresh beer, with bright, sappy, piney notes from fresh Simcoe hops. Subtle malt characters here, with an almost pilsner-style maltiness, and it’s really nicely integrated with the sappy, green-tinged hoppy notes. It’s a detailed, complex, bright style of beer with lots of interest. There’s some grapefruit pith on the finish, and it’s appropriately bitter, but balanced. 8/10

Brewdog Born to Die Terminally Hoppy IPA

brew dog born to die

This is an interesting beer from Brewdog. ‘Born to Die’ is a fresh, hoppy IPA, with a date on it. It’s a heavily whirlpool and dry-hopped beer, and the idea is that it should be drunk fresh. The inspiration for this came from San Diego brewer Stone, with their ‘Enjoy By…’ series of beers. They are released as special batches with the idea being that they should be consumed within the month. This is a really lovely beer.

Brewdog Born to Die Terminally Hoppy IPA 04.11.2016
8.5% alcohol
I missed the drink by date by 2 days, but this is still a lovely beer. It’s a gold colour, and has beautiful aromas of spice, grapefruit, cut grass and passionfruit. The palate has sweet tropical notes hemmed in by lovely spicy citrus notes, with orange peel and herbs and a lovely tangy bitterness. There’s some richness, but not as much as you’d expect from the alcohol level. This has real complexity and delightful, balanced hoppy bitterness, and it’s more restrained than you’d expect, and better for it. So fresh. 9/10

Crooked Moon Tattoo, Mikkeller

Mikkeller is an epic Danish brewer, making unique, individual and collaborative beers of every type. He is an inspiration to most.

Crooked Moon Tattoo, Mikkeller, Copenhagen, Denmark
9% alcohol
EPIC. From my intro you can probably tell I liked this beer. The first sip elicited a school girl giggle from my mouth, which took me by surprise. This beer is like one of the greatest lap dances you have ever had. The alcohol content means that even if you are sober at the start, it doesn’t take long to really get into the swing. Not only that, due to its rarity and price, it’s not going to be a regular thing, it could be your last, you’ll jolly well remember it and thank god for the experience. Having finished it, I slipped a fiver into the waistband of the barman’s jeans and departed with a smile on my face. This beer is the perfect balance of subtle bitterness, balanced raging citrus, melon, pineapple, grapefruit and grassy hops, some caramel and a silky mouthfeel. 9.75/10