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Three beers from the Netherlands

I had these on a recent trip to the Netherlands. I was on my way to the airport, but I had an hour to spare so my host, the wonderful Lars Daniels, took me to a beer shop, we bought three interesting looking bottles, and then drank them at his place while he was interviewing me for an article.


Rooie Dop Chica Americana IPA
7.1% alcohol
This is brewed at de Molen, a famous craft brewery in NL, by Rooie Dop. They’re based in Utrecht, and their website is here. Very sweet nose is rich and malty with some lively floral notes, and some honeyed character. Rich but balanced on the palate with subtle bitterness on the finish. Very appealing, but maybe too much toffee and honey character? It’s really good, but potentially could be even better. 8/10




Rat Ale Green Hops 
5.9% alcohol
This is an amber ale that’s  a collaboration between De Eem (from Amersfoort) and Hommeles (from Houten, Amsterdam), brewed at De Leckere (Utrecht). A full brown colour, this is powerful stuff with treacle and malt notes, as well as some tar and caramel. It’s a bold, characterful beer that’s really attractive. 7.5/10


Pampus/ De Eem Dark Hops Edition 2014
8% alcohol
A collaboration between Pampus and de Eem, this is a Black IPA of real character. Six kinds of malt were used, and it’s a dark, almost opaque colour. Powerful and dense with notes of roast coffee, iodine, treacle and dark chocolate, this is such a concentrated beer. It’s lovely, but not all that easy to drink. 8.5/10

Brouwerij de Molen Zwart & Wit

zwart and witt

This beer is amazing. It’s from Netherlands brewer Brouwerij de Molen, and it’s a Black IPA. Some beer writers think Black IPA is an abomination. Against nature, they say. They are WRONG, because this is superbly complex and delicious. I bought it on the advice of some beer journalists I was travelling with a year or two ago in Ghent, Belgium. I was just getting into beer, and this seemed quite expensive, but it’s not, considering the quality.

Brouwerij de Molen Zwart & Wit
8.4% alcohol
54 EBU. Dark brown in colour. Very rich nose is malty with dark chocolate but no rough edges. There’s some sweetness on the palate and a lovely texture, with chocolate and herb flavours and a real creaminess, as well as a hint of roast coffee. Textured and showing beautiful balance, this is oustanding. 9/10