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Hitachino Nest, Red Rice Ale

hitachino red rice ale
Kiuchi Brewery is a brewer of the various different styles of world famous Hitachino Nest Beer and creator of some of the best beer label designs in the world.

Hitachino Nest, Red Rice Ale, Kiuchi Brewery, Naka, Japan
7.0% alcohol
I often find that beer on holiday tastes different, and I have never been able to reproduce that novelty at home, even with the identical beer. A clear demonstration about how context is vital to flavour. This beer tastes like I remember lager tasting by the pool. A real fusion of rich lager characteristics and a light ale. An atypical yet appealing flavour very much on the sweet side, but not from sugar I believe, simply from the ingredients and brewing method. Subtle hoppy notes from the Chinook hops on top of Ginjo saké fruit characters and a caramel body, with zero bitter notes. 7/10