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Strange Fellows Brewing Reynard Oud Bain, Vancouver, Canada

reynard oud bain

Strange Fellows Brewing is a relatively new¬†East Vancouver (Canada) craft brewery, and this is a really interesting beer, which I drank with Brent Muller of Victoria’s Vessel Liquor Store. It’s an Oud Bruin (translates as Old Brown), which is a Flemish style of ale that combines sour elements with more standard brown ale characters, with a distinctive personality from spending a long time in oak barrels. This is such a distinctive beer, but it’s really lovely and the rather disparate flavour elements all mesh well.

Strange Fellows Brewing Reynard Oud Bruin, Vancouver, Canada
6.5% alcohol
Brown colour with a copper edge. This has lovely balance. It tastes of apples, pears and spice with a sour cherry character. Very fruity with lively acidity, and it’s quite wine like, with some blackcurrant hints and dried fruits. 9/10



The Kernel Brewery, London Sour

The Kernel, London Sour
The Kernel Brewery in the view of this blog is one of the finest micro brewers in the country, offering a constantly changing diverse range of exciting beers.

London Sour, The Kernel Brewery, Bermondsey, London
2.7% alcohol
This has to be the ultimate beer for wine lovers. It does not taste like beer, largely due to its acidity which is why many will either love it or hate it. If you are looking for any other traditional style of lager, ale or porter, this is not it. The polar opposite of the epic Double Citra . It tastes very much like a natural Loire Chenin Blanc with no discernible dissolved carbon dioxide. Supremely elegant tart baked apples, citrus and a haunting long finish. Sour beer is very tricky to do, allowing often wild yeast or bacteria into the brew, usually in a barrel.
On the basis of this bottle, once again, The Kernel know exactly what they are doing. 9.5/10