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Tuk Tuk microbrewery and brewpub, Franschhoek, South Africa

tuk tuk

While I was in Franschooek I visited the Tuk Tuk microbrewery. This is part of the Leeu Collection, and it’s a collaboration with CBC (Cape Brewing Company), one of South Africa’s leading craft breweries.

dewald goose

I met with brewmaster Dewald Goosen (pictured above with his partner Romy) to taste through some of the beers and find out about the project.

The beers are brewed on site in a state of the art microbrewery. Dewald is employed by CBC, but he’s making the beers here different to the regular CBC range. There are very few brewpubs like this, where the beer is all made on site.

It’s an exciting phase for the relatively new South African craft brewing culture. ‘I think in the next 5 years we are going to see many changes, and very interesting beers coming out of South African breweries.’


Tuk Tuk Pale Ale
4.8% alcohol
Galaxy and Cascade hops. Classic American-style pale ale. Tangy, citrussy and tart with lovely complexity. 7.5/10

Tuk Tuk Dunkel (dark lager)
5% alcohol
Made from a special dehusked roasted malt, Carafa Type 1. Brown/bronze colour. Malty and rich with toffee and chocolate notes. Very rich with a warm edge to the palate, and some sweet apple notes. Has some malt sweetness. 7.5/10

Tuk Tuk Weizen
5.2% alcohol
This is brilliant. Made from Southern Passion (a South African hop) and Amarillo. Very fruity and lively with amazing zippy notes and some lively fruitiness. Lemons, white pepper, spice. Some sweetness and a fruity personality, with real interest. So lovely. 9/10



Brew Cru, a new craft brewery from Wellington, South Africa



Bertus and Corlea Fourie (she’s pictured) are winemakers, first, but have now branched out into craft beer. Their venture is called Brew Cru. This is definitely a good thing, as wine and beer have a lot in common, and for a complete life you need both. I caught up with Corlea on a recent trip to South Africa and she slipped me a bottled but unlabelled sample of their IPA to try. This is what I thought of it.

Brew Cru IPA Wellington, South Africa
5.2% alcohol
Rich, warm and hoppy with some figs, caramel, passionfruit and dried mango, as well as some sweet malty notes. Really broad yet fresh with lovely tangy notes of citrus peel. I love the combination of hoppiness and richness of body, which makes for a complex, satisfying and drinkable beer. 8.5/10

Lakeside American Pale Ale, South Africa

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is interesting. It’s a beer made in Muizenberg, near Cape Town, and sampled locally at a restaurant in Kalk Bay from draught. The brewery is Lakeside Beer Works, and they are a new brewer, starting out in 2012. In 2013 they bought the Valley Brewery in Kommetjie. It’s really good to see South African craft beers begin to emerge: in the past it has been a difficult country to drink decent beer in.

Lakeside American Pale Ale, South Africa
4.5% alcohol. Lovely beer: fresh, nicely hoppy with some savoury herb notes and a bit of bitterness, but also a really nice balanced sweet malty backbone. There’s citrus freshness and a tangy quality to the finish. Not too heavy. 8/10